Viaduct and Roadway Bridge

I've been focusing my scenery efforts on specific areas of the layout.  The purpose is to try out some new techniques in a smaller area so its not too overwhelming!

These photos show the work I've been doing on an area that extends from the edge of the city along the backdrop to a road bridge that crosses over two of the lines and then meanders off to other regions of the layout.
The photo above obviously shows the rough start, while below you see the beginnings of the stone viaduct that I began to create out of sintra:
The stone viaduct section of the bridge, now with its walls, connects to a more modern structure to cross over the 'main line' to get to the edge of the city (None of my cities / neighborhoods have names...something I'm realizing could be useful!):
 "Sculpt-a-mold" is applied below, and the contours of the hill begin to take form:
After the plaster, the fun part!  Adding the greenery!  You will notice the viaduct now has a 'stone face'.  I didn't save the packaging, but I believe this was Noch 57218 "HO Cobblestone Streets".  The texture is actually pretty nice and looks pretty good.  I also like the fact that the material is self-adhesive!
Lights are added to the bridge, signals were also added to the siding under the modern section of the bridge.


  1. Looks excellent! I am just impressed by the grass and dirt areas.. I have just finished my show participation layout in n-scale (15mm) for a sci-fi game and I wish I had taken some time looking at your static grass first..

  2. Thanks! In truth, I haven't got the whole 'static grass' thing to work right just yet...my homemade static grass applicator stopped working! I have found a really nice 'cheat': Noch makes some sheets of grass that are really excellent.


    They are not huge, but are perfect for small areas like dioramas.

  3. Jerry,

    Crazy question, but I can't find the answer easily... Where do you get those flexible foam-ish risers? and what is their exact name?


  4. I really like the abandoned area around the yard (great mix of sand, rocks, grass, etc...) It looks realistic.

    Nice work!

  5. nittany4,

    The foam risers are part of Woodland Scenics "SubTerrain" line of layout building products.

  6. Thank You,

    If I can pick your brain a bit

    What grade kit do you recommend for N scale?
    2%, 3%, 4% or does it depend on how much room you have as obviously 2% if favorable.

    I'd like to order one and play around with it, but I'd rather not waste my money and time as I'm guessing this (like just about everything) is probably designed for HO anyway...

    are they wide enough for double track? kato double track concrete ties?

    appreciate your experience


  7. Hi Tom,

    I have no personal experience with that kind of material, but I read few comments here and there about building ramps... It seems that two numbers are to be remembered for N scale users:
    - maximum inclination: 3%, so 2% is probably a better and more realistic choice.
    - smallest track radius: 300mm, otherwise engine wheels will "spin" (sorry for my english).
    Of course, would be better to test your engines with different radius before building your ramp.

    Just my opinion,

  8. I think that's really good feedback... you should try to have the largest radius with the lowest grade! One of the problems I have with the grade/radius you see in this photo is that trains going 'up the grade' will come off the track if they are too long! Its a fairly typical experience...I'll try and video tape it.

    Fortunately, this only happens in one direction, as the radius from the other direction doesn't create the same problem with the physics!