Buildings from the UK

One of my discoveries on my trip to Gaugemaster in the UK last Fall was the line of various buildings and accessories produced in that market.  Despite the 1:148 scale of N Gauge in the UK, I can't find any discernible issues with using these buildings along with normal 1:160 (the reality is, the degree of accuracy of scale seems to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, from model to model, and depending on the time period).

So here's a quick post of a few neat little buildings I picked up.

 The Hornby Corner Terrace Pub.  Can always use a pub, right?
 Hornby Modern Petrol Station:
Graham Farish "Low Relief Factory"(behind the Petrol Station there!):
And this two-story office building from Graham Farish:
The interesting thing about these buildings (which all come in the 'finished state' you see above) is that they are made out of some ceramic type of material.  I'd think it makes it impossible to kit bash these structures, but it does also give them a nice patina as well.  I did find that you'll still need to put a coat of paint on the interior walls to stop light bleed-through if you care about that sort of thing.

Here's a view of how I used a couple of these (plus a scratchbuilt 'false front' 'Michelin' warehouse):
That's it for today! The slow hobby days of summer have struck, so little to talk about on the layout at the moment.


  1. Jerry -

    Thanks for all the Europe posts ... I can't wait to visit these shops you have found for all of us. On a separate note, I attended my first real large train show (the national show in Sacramento, CA) last weekend. I am assuming you missed it since you are overseas. I was amazed ... some incredible layouts, a decent showing of vendors, and I heard the week long conference prior was good. My favorite layout was from a group called European Train Enthusiasts (ete.org). It was HO but very impressive. Actual overhead live electric lines with euro trains running off of them. Very cool. Anyway, thanks for some great European posts.

    Scott (TGV coupler guy)

  2. Thanks for the comment Scott! I hope you get to visit a few of the shops I mentioned! For those of use who are fans of 'foreign' equipment, it really is fun to go into these shops and see all the goodies we only usually see online or in catalogs! The stores in Paris and London I highly recommend. The Hamburg shops were okay, but not really worth a special trip (although Miniature Wunderland is worth the trip!).

    Also, most people should be aware that the prices at these shops will never bet he best price you can get...that is what the internet is for. But there is something intangible valuable about getting something at one of these shops rather than saving 20 Euroes by ordering online (yes, you do save on shipping! So there is that!).

  3. If these were real buildings, you won't need a party wall surveyor to prepare documents if ever a construction project would happen.