2010 Wish List

I thought it might be fun to write out a 'wish list' of those items announced for 2011.  However, before I did that, I thought I would write out my 2010 list first since I realized that before some of the 2011 items are released some of these 2010 items are still in production (or I'm procrastinating and/or running out of money!). I like the idea of creating a list as it'll be interesting to look back on this list a year from now to see how much of this I actually got- and what I chose to purchase instead. 

At some point in the future, I'll talk about my 2011 release hopes, but for now, here are the '2010' items I'm waiting on or that occupy my wish list!

Flirt RRX Eurobahn from Modellbahn Union (via Lilliput)
A surprise announcement from Lilliput (a Bachmann brand) which typically only produces HO and HOe models, is this really great looking EMU.  The version I have on pre-order is the RRX Eurobahn version (shown in the photo above, courtesy Modelbahn Union).  Initial reviews of the already released Duetsche Bahn version have been very positive.

X73902 in Alsace Scheme from Arnold
A neat-looking modern railcar from France.  I like the interesting color scheme that is used in Alsace, although there are other version in equally interesting liveries.  Not yet released, although various sources seem to indicate it should be here by this summer.  We'll see.  Arnold (now reborn after the requisite bankruptcy maneuverings under the Hornby brand!) had a lot of interesting releases in its catalog last year, although I have to say I wasn't as impressed with the 2011 announcements).

Series E259 Narita Express from Kato
The new look of the Narita Express is pretty cool, and the translation into N Scale looks just as cool.  I expect more of the usual great quality from Kato which, naturally, is at a price point putting most European models to shame.  Photo courtesy of Kato. 

Duwag Tram from Kato

More Kato making this list is a good thing!  I like just about any one of these neat little trams.   In fact, that may be my problem...choosing.  The fact that its Kato - which means good quality at a reasonable price - also helps!

BB 26000 from Piko

Piko, a brand known in the US mainly for its line of G Gauge trains and accessories has also recently stormed into the N Gauge scene with a surprising diversity of French models.  Hah! Caught you napping Minitrix/Fleischmann!  These orange-painted electrics seem quite numerous around France, and I've found photos of these faded machines hauling freight and passenger trains to be quite appealing. 

BB 66000 from Piko

As I mentioned above, Piko has been busy producing French locomotives!  The color scheme on this locomotive is somewhat reminiscent to me of the Great Northern Railway's "Big Sky Blue" scheme, which is another reason I really like it.  I don't necessarily find 'hood units' the most interesting, but this is a good looking model of what appears to be a staple of the SNCF diesel fleet (and it will look good next to my CC 72000 can BB 67000 I'm sure!).

I think that about wraps up the 2010 items....at least for locomotives.  There's a list of freight wagons and passenger cars that I also have my eyes on, in addition to details and automobiles, but there is only so much time and, importantly, money (!!!) so we can't have it all!  In fact, that is not really the point, but it can be fun sometimes to dream!

One other observation....I noted above a couple of items from Piko (their first N scale locomotives in, what? 20 years or more?) and from Lilliput, which are - by any measure - positive signs that new manufacturers are stepping into the market!  Add to that some of the potential new releases from A.C.M.E., Mabar, Rocky Rail (Mehano) and Star Train and you would have to be somewhat optimistic for N scale in 2011.  Its a good time for N Scale!


  1. Well I can only confirm the quality of the Liliput EMU, I couldn't resist during a week-end in Berlin. The 2 motors are extremely smooth.
    The train however is a hassle to handle or even lift off the track without the fear of braking a part (the 5 coaches are not splitable), so be sure to book a permanent track in your train yard!

  2. Ahhh....good to know Pierre! Fortunately I have enough track to 'park' the train! That is annoying, however, that often seems the case for the 'close coupling' that we all like. I'm pretty excited to see this one!

  3. I've always been a fan of the Narita Express 253 series, and to date is the only Japanese train I truly covet for my collection. I am developing a slow-growing appreciation for the whole Japanese catalogue. Perhaps I had just never paid too much attention before now, but I find I am easily polarised on items in either one way or another. For example while I love the 253, the 259 isn't my cup of tea personally. I seem to have this experience across all class of Japan's railways.


  4. @Mike:

    I've never been fond of the cab-on-top design that many JR trainsets have, but it seems to be for a good reason: it allows a vestibule and door to be put at the front of the car. This is particularly important, since N'EX is two joined trains leaving Narita, and splits up to go to two destinations once in Tokyo. If you happen to get onto the wrong (end of the) train, you might find yourself going to the wrong place on the older 253 train; on the 259, it's less of a problem.

    That said, and having recently come back from a brief stay in Tokyo, I agree that the 253 looks really cool in a retro-spaceship sort of way, but I've gained respect for the "confident" lines of the 259.

  5. Talking of wish lists - hypothetical ones - from sweden : SJ T43 and SJ T44, from france : BB36000, and any version of the 'Mabi' locomotives eg the RENFE 311 / SBB Am 841 / SNCF BB 60000 etc.

    I'm really looking forward to the RockyRail Prima electric (my experience of Mehano is that their models are as good as or better than minitrix), all the Japanese Koploper lookalikes have been on my 'to get' list for years.

    One thing that is almost an unavoidable buy for me are the new Kato Vossloh G1700s. So far they've announed five versions, and I like everyone. Will probably go without food.. ;)

  6. Thanks Anonymous! Wish lists are fun things...I guess this was really a 'shopping list' more than a wish list...its funny how many trains they have still yet to make! The BB36000 would be an interesting one...they could also create the Belgian and Luxembourg versions as well!

  7. @TMT:

    Thanks for the info regarding the reasoning of the of the bulbous cab front on the Narita 259. I still don't like it but after your explanation yes I can appreciate it. But it's just personal taste. I also cannot abide the famous Dutch train sets in a similar concept (See link: http://www.marc2000.nl/train/ic_zwolle.jpg).

    I suppose the delight I take in the Narita 253 is their loose resemblance to train sets in my home city of Melbourne, Australia. Though here we are talking about metropolitan systems not inter-city express train sets (which here remain diesel due to the cost of cabling vast expanses ... but that will happen).

    Modern train set (Alstom x Trapolis):

    Modern trainset (Siemens ... not so good at braking FYI):

    Early Eighties (Comeng):

    Early Seventies (Hitachi):

    However, I don't understand the argument for splitting the trains in two and what this has to do with the bulbous design. For years our six car metropolitan sets would be split in to two x three car sets. So long as you as a passenger knew one end of the station from another (usually being the name of the next station-end, then this is where you headed).

    And for interest sake (or lack of) here is our most modern inter-city train set:

    Regrettably none of these Melbourne trains here are produced by the major modellers.