N Scale Nostalgia: Trix 1972 Katalog - Updates

I missed a few interesting items from the 1972 Trix Catalog in my last post....Martijn mentioned the NS1100 series  set that he picked up back in those days in the comments on the original post, and here it is on Page 11:
Also, I was looking at the various modesl for the UK that, like the North American models from those old days, Minitrix no longer produces or markets.  Here is page 19, with our representatives from the UK:
And you'll notice, of course, the old British Rail posters that Minitrix also featured in its catalog, which is shown at the top of this post. 

Finally, as I think about 1972, and the history of N Scale, we should remember it is almost (or just) about 50 years old (history of N Scale from an American perspective here at "Bills Railroad Empire", a view on the early innovations of Arnold at the "Guide to Z Scale", and there are other sites that go into more depth on the Tri-ang, Arnold, and history ofother pioneers, but I can't find the links at the moment - if you have some good links, please leave them in the comments!)!  Perhaps for some, the past 'quality' issues of this scale make it our history one of pain, rather than celebration.  However, you look at it, it is interesting.  For me (as mentioned below) and others, there are pieces of this scale going back to my childhold in the 1970's that perhaps turned to an influence on my now.  Who knows?

Finally, I wish to thank Scaleenine blog for the inspiration for sharing some of the ideas and memories from these older catalogs and companies.  I was really inspiried by his posting on Rivarrossi.

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