N Scale Furniture from Luetke Modelbahn

Last month in my series on "Interior Modelling" I bemoaned the fact that there were virtually no furniture options for interior decoration of N Scale buildings.   Fortunately, I was incorrect!  Magnus of Tågomera posted a link in the comments for a firm in Germany called Luetke Modelbahn which not only produces N Scale furniture, but a nice selection of unique urban and other structures!  As a Christmas present (to myself!) I ordered each of the furniture options available from Luetke.

They offer four sets of furniture; two different sets for store interiors, a restaurant interior set, and a large (and the most expensive) office furniture set.
The office set comes with five separate sheets of furniture. molded in either white or a graphite gray. You get quite a few large storage cabinets, some mid-rise cabinets (credenzas?), plenty of conference tables, sitting chairs/couches (single, double, and triple wide?), two-pedestal desks (my favorite), and plenty of chairs.
The furniture is, thankfully, built to a fairly sturdy specification and cutting apart the pieces does not seem to be one of those exercises where a tedious exercise is not made more so from the fear of destruction!  Yes, there will be a fair amount of cutting and sanding with this furniture!
Hows' it all look?  Pretty fab in my opinion!  Of course, the below are unpainted, but a splash of some paint, and maybe a 'wash' or two, and we're in business (in N Scale!)!  Again, the sturdiness of the chairs is evident in the below photo.  Yeah, they would be pretty heavy duty in 'real life' but at 1:160 scale, I don't mind at all.
In retrospect, I do regret using my (cheap) Tomix features as models for this furniture....they do look a bit like creatures from a melted-face, zombie extravaganza more than real people, but the Priesser figures are still boxed up until all the layout vacuuming work is complete.
In total, theirs about 257 pieces with the office set, that works to a per piece price of $0.20, which really is a pretty good value considering that the Model Power park benches cost about $1.00 per piece!  Considering the amount of time it takes to build furniture from scratch, this is a good investment for me so that I can spend more time decorating and building structures, rather than searching for pieces to fit inside!

Alright...I can't waste any more time blogging right now, I have about a million little chairs to sand and paint (at last!).  Thank you Luetke!


  1. Nice find! This is pretty cool stuff you've got. Funny how all the Tomix people are ignoring each other (they must think they are on a train?), arms crossed, heads down…

  2. Perhaps they're all freaked out that they each have these 'melted/zombie' faces and are afraid to make eye contact? ;-)

    Thanks Don!

  3. Jerry! Fantastic! You've recomfirmed my decision to buy these along with a couple of the buildings.

    I'm probably going to buy 2-3 sets of the office furniture sets.

    Great write up as always. Thanks again for your blog!

    I can't wait to get my order from Luetke. I'm also looking forward to what you make of the 26 story office building too. :D

  4. Thanks Bob! I'm looking forward to that big cylindrical office tower myself! This will be my 'scaper tower' since it was your request to add more floors, I feel this one represents your architectural influence really well! :-)

  5. Hi Jerry,
    Wow, that's a coincidence! I also just discovered the Luetke site and was considering to buy some of their furniture kits for my department store and the apartment building I'm working on at the moment. Great to read your review. I think I'll order some of their kits too! :)

  6. Scaper Tower!!! Wow! Now I'm most interested!

    I've still not heard back from them..however Jimmi finally got confirmation from Lunde that my new tower from them is getting mail this weekend. :D

    All in time. I wish I could clone myself a couple of times so I could get more work done! I've got so much work to do. :D


  7. Hi Jes! Yeah, we have so deperetely needed some furniture like this in N scale for so long! Great to finally have some options! Its not perfect, but its better than nothing. I hope they do well so they can expand into some 'home furnishings/residential' stuff for my condo/apartment buildings.

    Bob -Yeah, I don't expect the kit from Luetke to come for at least a month...which is fine, I've got plenty to do!

  8. Fantastic find. I ordered the skyscraper. Can't wait to see what you do with yours, especially the lighting and floors; sitting at the feet of the master .

  9. Jerry... I plan to use the round office tower with my HO porche dealership I think...with a green roof. :D

    I'm like you..lots of work to do still. But I'm still excited to see it at some point. :D