Tetsudou Musume Container Collection vol.3

As part of my ongoing efforts to get my children more interested in my little hobby, I got my daughter this set of Tetsudou Musume Containers Collection 3 (I had previously got her the Tetsudo Musume Figures).  Of course, my son's interests are more towards engines (although much more towards Xbox), but my daughter does enjoy the anime style and is learning to draw this way.
Of course, for 'dad', these containers are a cool and unique example of model railroading in Japan!  I have to admit, I think they're pretty cute as well!  I also have to say, the 'kid' in me really likes the TomyTec 'collection' boxes.  I've also done their building collection in addition to a car collection, and its a lot of fun to open up these boxes to see what surprises await!
The printing on these containers is satisfactory...close up views of the color images reveal the 'pixelization' process of the printing method used.  They are just plastic shells...no bottoms and extremely light.  I debate whether or not I should also get some TomyTec flat cars and set up a little train of these....maybe someday!
Of course, putting these on flat cars means I need to get my layout up to shape!  My current project is wiring to some of the new extension areas....I am hoping that this weekend will be the weekend I can put some trains back on the layout after spending a long time in their boxes! So off to work!


  1. I'm not sure what I make of these. Cute, to be sure, but I've never been one for "moë" designs. I'm also torn about having fantasy items on my layout, even as I plan on running container freights past Akihabara Station in a decidedly non-prototypical, and indeed fantastic, way.

    But, if you like them, then you absolutely need some KOKI to show them off! These will fit Tomix, Kato, and Micro Ace container cars. The way the attachment points are designed, you will be able to fit both the 12' and 40' containers to any car you like, but prototypically speaking, the 12' containers are hauled by KOKI 10000-series, and 50000-series (including the 250000 and 350000), and any of the KOKI 100-series; the 40' containers are hauled only on KOKI 104 and 106 variants of the 100-series, and KOKI 200-series which was specially designed for maritime containers. FWIW. :D

  2. Thanks Don! I'm actually not sure if I want to run something at this level of 'fantasy' myself...although if it gets my daughter out to the layout...you bet (just don't expect me to take any photos of it!)! Right now, I think of these as more of an interesting artifact or collectible...we'll see.

    Like you say, they are pretty cute!