Downtown Graffiti and Railway Cut

As we all know, every major urban area with a railway will usually have two things....a below grade route for the trains and graffiti!  As part of my effort to move my trains further back from the edge of the layout (by simply attaching 4" or so boards to the edges) I've been able to add some features that weren't in my original plans, and make formally boring areas of the layout a little more interesting.
The graffiti decals are primarily from a seller on eBay, and overall I think they look quite good.  I still need to do a bit more weathering on the walls to hide the decal edges.
The bridge in the upper photo is a Tomytec bridge which will be appropriately weathered and...uhh...likely 'tagged' as the kids say these days.


  1. Hi Jerry. I really like the two different levels of track on this section of the layout. It gives your layout even more depth. The graffiti is a nice touch. Since you are running japanese and european trains, you might want to consider some multilingual vandalism. I'm not sure if I ever remember seeing graffiti when traveling in Japan.

    I'm having a hard time visualizing where this is located on your layout. On a future blog entry, could you post a top view wide angle shot of the entire layout? Although at the rate in which your layout is growing, you might need a fish-eye lens. ;)

  2. Thanks as always for your encouragement! I was a little curious about the graffiti element with the Japanese trains myself...they do appear to have that in common with Western countries, but its not as pervasive I think.

    The location of this spot on my layout is just to the 'East' of the cathedral and the 'downtown' center. Not sure if that helps much...the big black Atlas skyscraper is just to the right of most of these photos! Next time I'll include more of a 'wide angle' to see if I can capture more of the context!

  3. This is looking awesome Jerry! Fantastic Detailing. Wow.