Greetings From Vacationland!

Greetings from Europe! Yes, that explains the unusually long amount of time since my last post in early June.  I'm presently in the delightful country of Norway staying with family, but transited here through stops in both London and Paris.   Thanks to some really helpful suggestions from Pierre and La Saucisse on a previous post, I was able to visit some very exciting hobby shops in Paris (having already discovered that there's nothing in London, nor in Norway as near as I can tell-at least not in N Scale) which I'll share on a later post.  As I've had a lot of time to 'day dream' about my layout, I've had some time to think and imagine some new changes that I'll further refine when I get back home.  For now, here are some 1:1 'scale' shots of a quick journey to Waterloo Station and Gare D Nord etc...


  1. Glad to hear there's a happy reason for the absence! Enjoy your time there!!

  2. Hello,

    We were very close when you came in Paris !!

    Happy to read some news from you !!



  3. Thanks Don and Pascal! There's a couple of posts I wanted to get up before I left on my trip, but when you are preparing for a 3 week trip....well.... adding new blog entries falls to the bottom of the list of priorities!

    Pascal, we stayed near Place de Clichy (Mercure Mountmarte), a great hotel that was very conveniently located to several train shops, the metro, shopping, etc...really a great area to be in, although its definitely one of the neighborhoods tourists need to watch their backs!

  4. Glad you visited the rue de Douai/rue d'amsterdam shops! I just hope you were not staying place de Clichy just because it's one minute away from the train stores... it surely is an animated district, but not always in the good way as you have noticed ;)

    Enjoy the rest of your stay in old Europe!

  5. Is it me or pictures taken in Britain look a lot better than the ones took in France. SNCF rolling stock seems old andd tired comapred to those slick electrostars unit. Gotta love british EMUs' design.

    Anyway, glad to hear you're having a good time visiting the old continent.

    I'm curious to read your next posts about Paris (and all the other things).

  6. La Saucisse: No, I didn't really notice any difference between the trains, may be the difference in lighting!? ....Although the EMU's at Waterloo did seem very clean and fresh, although I didn't ride them so can't speak to their interior condition. The SNCF/RER EMU we took out to Versailles was definitely showing some wear and tear (and its age). However, I'll have to say, catching a train in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower is hard to beat! And Paris also has Gare Du Nord. There's always something interesting to see there! A true train lovers' paradise!!