Kibri 7130 Kit Bash: The "Kibri Building"!

As I mentioned near the end of my last post, I needed a break from the silly Skyscraper Scratch-build #3 (aka the "simple one"...grrr...) so I took apart a couple of Kibri 7130's and built this high rise.   I think too many of my posts are too wordy, so I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Bottom line, is the sequence was to rip apart two of these buildings that were already built (and purchased off of eBay users), rebuilding (where some parts broke during the demolition), repainting, lighting, and reconstruction.  I used the 'back' of the original kit and added to the front to create the somewhat strange, asymmetrical, yet appealing front. 


  1. hello Jerry ,

    A very nice work on this tower ,it's amazing to get a model like this from two kibri kits,

    bravo , bravo !!


  2. Your posts are definitely not too wordy, the description and explanation is well appreciated. Good job on the building!

  3. Thank you Gentlemen! Your compliments and encouragement are much appreciated!