Faller B-905 Building Complete!

 Well another large high-rise skyscraper kit complete, and I kid myself into thinking this will be 'the last building' project and I can move on to actually wiring and installing all my structures on my layout (I think I've said that before!).

So here is the Faller B-905 building.  Technically, its an HO structure, but only the first floor/ground floor is really HO scale...the rest of the building is really N scale. 
The project was pretty straight forward, only a couple of things to depart from the kit as advertised:
  • I used brick sheets from Evergreen Scale models instead of the supplied brick sheets. The reasons for this is that I actually stole a section of the high rise material from an HO hotel/restaurant model to add an additional 4 stories to the kit.
  • Given that the first floor was HO, and was pretty basic storefront material, I used more of the high rise 'grid work' to create a more open first floor, with a lobby for the offices and a 'Hypernova' retail area.
Lighting was pretty much the same method I always use...again a strip of the FX 12 from TrainAidsa for the interior office lights, and LED's for the back-lit signs (both a "Faller sign" and the Hypermart sign are ink-jet printed and mounted on a piece of transparent plastic and then supplied with 3x LED's to light them up), and an S12 strip from Tainadsa for the ground floor.

Here's the "Hypernova" on the ground floor (with protesters):
The entire ground floor, next to the "Hilton (Heljan) Hotel:
Some shots of the 'short side' where you can see the 'backlit' "Faller" logo I placed near the top in homage to the maker:
And a final shot next to the recently completed Hilton:
I really like the brick accents on this high-rise, which definitely give it a good 1950's/1960's high rise feel, and helps to complement the more neutral looking standard concrete buildings.  Its a farily difficult kit to find unbuilt, so I was very happy to get one, but its got some great lines and will look good on the layout! Someday!


  1. Jerry, This is fantastic. I can't wait to see how all these new buildings will look on your layout. Your work is an inspiration my friend. I need to crack opend those old kits of mine and make this model one day. :D


  2. Oh..hey..a question on this.

    When did Evergreen start making brick sheeting? Is this new? Where did you get it?


  3. I know...I'm like a kid in a candy shop getting ready to wire all these buildings up and see how it all works!

    Sorry, I always get my Evergreen and Plastruct products mixed up! It must be Plastruct!