Tram Line Construction Continues....

I really, really, really want to be done with the tram line.   I 'jumped the shark' on this last month, but after completing the bridge, I could finally go back in and 'fill in' the gaps on the rest of the tram line-  which means more plaster, sanding, painting, track-cleaning, etc....   I really don't like this part of it.  I can't tell you how many times I wish I had waited for Kato Unitram.

This is why I neither run trains, or talk about them on my blog.  Because they are all in boxes.  This stupid tram line and this dumb desire I had to 'improve' the old layout.  Well, I'm in it now.  Suck it up and stop complaining.  There are worse hobbies I imagine. 


  1. Maybe those hobbies where you build tiny ships in bottles? :-)

  2. Z-gauge.

    It's looking good, though, Jerry. Take pride in having a completely bespoke tram system that looks good and that you built with your own two hands. It will be worth something to you when you are done.

    So, chin up!

  3. Z-Gauge...LOL. Not T? ;-)

    Thanks for the encouragement Don, this seems like a never ending project! Whenever I think there's light at the end of the tunnel...well, you know!

  4. I think the Tram line looks great...Im thinking of starting one myself and also looking (and waiting) for the Kato Unitram to expand the line...I know its way past the point now, but did you ever look at the Tomix
    Tram track, easy trolley i believe and what were your thoughs if you did

  5. Hi Anonymous! I'm actually using some of the older Tomix Tram kit parts for this line. They are actually useful accessories for the normal tram track. Unfortunately, both the Unitram and Tomix's new tram track and street systems were announced after I already had most of this complete. I have thought a couple of times about starting over, but I'm working hard to resist that temptation!