A New Station - Combining Kato with Vollmer

The main railway station on Quinntopia has, since any of the 'little plastic people' can remember, been the Kato Overhead Station.  Its an ideal station of course, as it takes up little room in the crowded downtown area of the city but yet still provides access to the two lines that serve the inner city.

However, the little plastic people of Quinntopia had some issues.  For one, they didn't like climbing all those steps to get to the station, and then have to go down a bunch of steps to get to the train.  Is it too much to ask for an escalator-or an elevator?  My response has always been that if its good enough for Kato (and, presumably, Japan), then it should be good enough for Quinntopia.

Another complaint the LPP ("Little Plastic People" from now on) have about the station was that they think that a modern, well-lit, central-city station should have something more of a grand entrance?  My response has always been that art deco rail palaces are so 20th Century. And what's wrong with that really long stairway anyway?

Ultimately, I had to agree that the LPP had a point (which is one of the reasons its so hard to glue them down, another topic....), and that I really needed to do something about the downtown station.  Then I came across this:
It's a Vollmer 7510.  A modern train station (which is an oxymoron in the United States) from Germany that is now out of production.   I really liked the glass walls, the modern architecture, and in my own imagination, I could visualize the incorporation of this building with its large, welcoming entry/lobby, second-story offices, with the Kato Overhead Station. 

So that's what I did.  I had to completely disassemble the 7510, and gave just about everything a new coat of paint.  This meant that the Kato station needed a similar paint job; so they both went under the brush (or spray can to be more accurate). 

From the street side, a new entrance with lots of light, and large lobby and (in my pretend world) and elevator to wisk the weary travelers to the overhead concourse:
Of course, with all this renovation, the 'old' overhead station needed some improvements.  The most visible is the stairway down to the platform got an upgrade with new glass walls providing a view of the trains as you descend to the platform anticipating your journey.
And of course, the 'main entrance' now attempts to be a bit more inviting to our LPP travelers' with a large glass facade:
 Hopefully, this will keep the LPP happy for a while.  However, I have a feeling that they have more demands that I must meet.


  1. Great job!
    All my buildings are from Vollmer. They do really nice things. Combining the two, resulted in a very nice super-station ;)

    I liked very much how the night scene came, and the great glass walls.

  2. Thanks Alessandro! I agree, I really enjoy Vollmer's buildings. I do fear that I've missed their most innovative days as it doesn't seem like Vollmer, Kibri of Faller are really providing very many new models of modern buildings.

  3. Have you considered using the Kato platform accessory pack (23-118) to source an elevator for the platform? It's meant to go down, but 4 pieces of plastic joined into square and you have an upward shaft into the overhead station.


  4. Thanks David! I've seen this accessory kit before but haven't ordered it (actually I didn't know it had an elevator!), but I actually have some spare elevators from either an older Tomix or Kato kit that I may use. That will go onto the platform once I'm ready to finally install it on the layout for good!

  5. Great what you did with it. I ordered the station today. It's totally new in the box. I.f ordered the Vollmer 7500 that's the same station only with another station next to it. This is the site i Ordered it.

    If there are more people interested check


    They also have the stations seperated Vollmer 7510 and Vollmer 7520


  6. Hi Nelis! Congrats! I like the look of the two together and glad you do too!

    Also, thanks for the link to 'hood.de', great to find another source other than eBay!