Layout Destruction Time

Remember the adage "to make an omellete you need to break a few eggs"?  That's where I'm at lately.

There was an area of my layout that contained a very small loop of track on the 'bottom level' that was sort of enclosed by Kato double-track viaduct curves.  At first, this little loop was primarily intended as my (then 9 year old) son's area.  Since I expanded the layout by adding another 'hollow core door' to the other end, this little loop has been pretty much forgotten and seldom used except for a few DC only locomotive tests.  The top photo and the one below are 'before' photos.  Below you'll see the sequence of creative destruction....

Additionally, I've found that this little area was sort of 'hidden'. Despite some of my plans to make this a tranquil, suburban, residential area, my pride in the curving road coming down to this neighborhood I put in, and a start at adding a little pond, this area was never a very interesting one to me.  You can tell by browsing the photos on this blog that there aren't many photos of this area.

At the same time, the standard Kato double-track, curved viaduct pieces that encircle this area also don't get much 'photography' or other attention themselves.  I believe the reason for this is that the high walls (albeit likely prototypical in Japan) of these sections tend to 'hide' the locomotives.  Additionally, with the new super-elevated track, I become very excited about 'loosing' the walls so that locomotives sweeping around the curve at a slight tilt could be seen.

Finally, with my growing expansion of more urban/downtown type structures...well, let's just say the evil developers from downtown finally had their way and have been able to displace the residents of this neighborhood (although they are promising a light rail line....Hmmmmm).

The below photo, we'll it's a start on rebuilding...I am hoping that this gamble pays off....stay tuned.....


  1. I think it will Jerry, I really think it will. Anyway, it seems that this is going to become a new interesting part of your layout.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement and vote of confidence La Saucisse!

  3. MUDKIP ORANGE12/18/09, 8:20 PM

    LOVE the "evil developers from downtown are 'revitalizing' my formerly placid suburb" line! Looking forward to progress photos.