"The Man Cave" (aka Train Room)

To complete my overview of my process to build a layout (see this post...WARNING: I'm an amateur and just trying to have fun...the clinic on L-girder construction can be found elsewhere! :-) ), here - at last - is where all the action happens: My garage! I'm fortunate enough at this point in life to have a home (and a wife who supports!) where I am able to carve out the 3rd stall in our 3 car garage for my 'train room'. My father-in-law helped me build a wall to separate the 'train room' from the cars and other stuff, which means its a relatively nice space for the trains. We don't live in the driest climate here in the Pacific Northwest, but winters are moderate and a couple of space heaters help to keep the garage warm and the local electric utility in the black through the winter. Like a lot of folks, I dream of a basement or other 'real' space, but I've actually come to enjoy the 'solitude' and peace that comes with having a place to do 'train stuff' away from the home (plus, I can leave my junk out on things I'm working on and not worry about any complaints about the mess!)

Here's another photo...about two years after the photo above in the midst of the expansion of what I call "Version 4.0"
Another change since the photo above was the addition of the viaduct which is actually on the end of the layout which faces 'outside'.  One advantage of this is that on nice days I can open the garage door and let the bugs in, err..., let the sun in!

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  1. Hi quinntopia, this is Sushi Train from JNS forum here, just want to ask you, how long and wide is your latest layout? I love your track design and am going to build mine very similar if not the same as yours. Well done, great work.