5 Months ago....

Wow. I was just looking at some photos from a few months ago, and I was amazed at how much work I've been able to get done in that time. The above photo is the layout last November (November 17 to be exact), the below photo is from early March. Comparing the two...I get exhausted! I am glad that part is behind me! The cool thing is its been a lot of fun and now I find myself 'inventing' new things to work on (like my 'urban development' program currently underway in Quinntopia). What a fun hobby!


  1. Alessandro5/3/09, 1:25 AM

    Congrats for your track. I really like it. I'm courious to see the new track plan. The one you posted is quite different from the pictures.

    I'm planning to build a bigger layout (the one I own now is 140 cm x 70 cm.. I've found the space of 3,5 meters x 1,6), so i'm looking for inspiration and thought you could give me some ideas.

    Thank you so much, and keep the good work on!


  2. Thanks for the complement! You're correct, the track plan I have posted on the blog is different than the my final version, a couple of major differences but also some minor ones that may not be obvious.

    The problem I have is that I no longer have the original track plan (I used a program called RR-track which is only available on the PC) and need to 're-create' the track plan from scratch with a new program. As a Mac user, the options are limited. Even using Windows under boot camp means selecting from a couple of layout programs that miss features or are too complex for me!

    I do plan on recreating the plan soon, however, and will post it as soon as its completed.