The Krusty Krab: Urban Sprawl!

I ordered the Tomix 4035 "Pension" structure with the idea of using it as a house in the 'residential' area of the layout. Once I had a chance to look at it, it really didn't look like a 'house'. I don't know what a 'Pension' house is either, so I had to envision how to re-purpose this structure into something that I could understand.

The color and the design seemed to indicate some sort of seafood restaurant. Thus, the Krusty Krab was born!

There is a lot of room under the roof to add LED's and resistors, where I added 2 yellow LED's (which provide a warm glow for the dining area), a white LED (for the entrance), and an Ultraviolet LED for the 'lounge area' near the back.

For the sign on the roof, I created a sign based on some crab clipart, added in the letters, used the trusty inkjet printer, and applied to a styrene backing and glued to the roof. 2 LED's embedded into the roof provide illumination so that hungry travellers can get their crabby patties.

The interior furnishings are from Faller, who produces just about the only suitable tables and chairs for N scale that would be appropriate for an interior.

Along with the beautiful Kato Denny's restaurant model, this will make an interesting addition to the 'by the road' row of restaurants that I am developing for the layout. Now I just need to figure out where to fit these buildings!


  1. This is what Tomix's translators had in mind when they chose the word 'pension' to describe this model: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pension_(lodging)

    I'm not quite sure what it is actually supposed to represent, perhaps a minshuku?

  2. A 'bed and breakfast'! That makes sense! I was thinking 'pension' as in 'pensioners', aka 'fixed income' or retirees!
    With the double door glass entries....it still seems really commercial!

  3. Agreed. I rather like the "Crusty Crab" :D

  4. Indeed, if you hadn't already made a sign, I would suggest calling it Bilgewater's