Diecast N Scale vehicles?

A quick post to share some potential news that may be of interest to readers of this blog. This post relates to that other transportation mode, the automobile. Apparently there is a UK based company that will be producing a line of diecast vehicles in N Gauge. The company is called Oxford Diecast, and they appear to have quite a history in other scales and are now branching out into N Gauge.

While I have a few of the high quality 'mini-metals' vehicles, they are very North American specific. I also have some vehicles from Wiking, Herpa, and Busch, but they are very much plastic. It will be nice to have another source of diecast vehicles in N Gauge, and these with a more 'international' flavor!


  1. Any idea of when these might be released or the relative cost? These look great and I would love to add them to my diecast cars trucks collection. Thanks for sharing and if you get more info please post.

  2. Just checking in to see if you had an update or anything more to share about this.


    I Love diecast cars trucks

  3. I would also like information about these diecast cars trucks. Thanks