Track down!

With most of the major 'messy' scenery work done, I was able to lay the track and run some trains! I'll go into more detail and post photos as I get some of the remaining lose ends of scenery and track mounting completed, but for now here are a couple of shots of the layout as it stands a few days before Christmas:


  1. Wow, great layout! I see you've got a TGV Thalys, nice looking train.
    And great tip on the wall area + foliage, I'm going to need that later.

    So, how long did it take you from the base to the last picture?

  2. Thanks for your very kind comment! The first half (the side of the layout with the city) took about 2 months over several months last year. The addition of the second door took a lot more time due to the complexity of the grades and overlaps (and the planning, trying to figure out which bridges would work, had the proper clearance, etc... required a lot of time to think and research how others had done it on the web). Once I got the two doors assembled together, it was about 3 months of work (of couse, this is mostly weekends, and then, mostly Sundays at that!), with most of the foam laying and scenery probably taking up a good 5 solid days.

  3. Hi Jerry. Your layout is coming along very nicely. You are doing some great work.
    I have noted that you haven't been back to N-Scale.org since Ike-the-BN-freak posted his 'really dumb' comment. Please note that Ike has since posted an apology in your thread. If his comment is the reason you have not been back I would urge you to reconsider.
    I know I am not the only member that is very interested in your work.
    Rosco Newton