Revisiting my O Gauge past

Just for fun, here are some shots of the old O Gauge layout that was demolished last year (and whose parts where then sold on Ebay to fund my new N scale layout!). Note that all of this is set up in the 3rd stall of my 3 car garage (and to prove it really is O Gauge, that is a real boy [my son] peeping through what will become the 'city' area of the layout).

Shot of the second level 'trestle' as a mallet circles the city.

The same locomotive on an MTH bridge at the far end of the layout (the door could be opened to let in natural light...and bugs. But mostly just bugs).

This shot shows the 'main line' with a Lionel U33 on the upper level and the Lionel Army train on the lower level, both are round the 'large' mountain on one side of the U of the layout.

This shot is from the door coming from the garage into the 'train room'. Does it look a little cramped? It sure felt like it. One of the reasons to go to a smaller scale!

Another shot of my favorite part of the layout, the city. Unfortunately, the control panel for my home's electricity is about 6 inches to the right of where I am standing, which is not great for radio signals (e.g. MTH's DCS system had difficulty).

And of course, the 'track plan' showing the location of the door, main lines, etc... It was pretty much 80% complete and took about 3 years to complete.

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