The Rich and Powerful have their Stinking Mansion!

I'm celebrating the completion of the Faller 232298 Villa - now complete with lights! Wow, these kits seem deceptively simple, but so easy to make a mistake...
Anyway, got all the wiring done - which includes the obligatory interior details and painting/weathering.
This Villa has the appropriate look for the powerful overlords who rule over New Quinntopia from their hilltop perch over-looking the city!
For the masses and common people, I can now move back to the Elevated line. Which began with using my handy Dremel to cut away the interior plastic and connectors of Kato's elevated viaduct pieces.  So glad I have a Dremel! This would have taken forever with a knife or saw...
The elevated viaduct swerves over the mainline track, so I needed to custom-build supports/viaducts for this section given the height.  I considering different solutions, but a combination of Evergreen Plastics styrene and some girder strips from Plastruct will do the job.
I am building the elevated section by first establishing the right vertical hight...details and paint to come next!
That's it for today! Tomorrow is Memorial Day, so let's all remember those who gave all for their country, and hope that all future wars are rare and short.
Until next time...Quinntopia out!

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  1. Its amazing what a little lighting can do to complete a model. Nice job on the mansion!