The Terminal Area: Urban Decay

Now that the terminal is mostly complete, I can start to fill in the 'city' around it.  Of course what better to surround this modern terminal than the urban decay of earlier times?  Thus sharing the terminal area is an old, nearly abandoned warehouse for the long-gone "Martel" company.  I don't know what this company did (in fact, I basically just made-up / picked a name to post on the building to give it a bit of character and suggestion of realism) but its clear it has seen better days.

This building started off as the much happier sounding "Walther's Hardwood Furniture Company", but it was way too colorful and optimistic for this part of town.  So lot's of grey, weathering powders and graffiti were applied.
Dirty, grimy, and graffiti ridden.  Its a somewhat sobering sight to the passengers waiting on the platform of Quinntopia's long lost industrial might.  The below photo is an earlier photo before the lighting was installed.
Just a few sparse lights were added....a couple of LED streetlights made for effective lighting of the signage, and a couple of small strips of SMD LED on the interior give a little bit of an eerie glow through the windows.
Seen from the street, its lonely, sad, and slightly menacing facade that darkens the terminal area.
Another photo (where did all the passengers go? again shows how the bright lights of the station provide some illumination to a piece of urban blight in the not so utopian Quinntopia.

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  1. The dark brick backdrop makes the terminal seem even more bright and new. Did you combine pieces of multiple kits or was the size of the building to begin with?