The Station - Where all this is going

A quick post to share my thinking and planning for the passenger terminal moving forward.  The below photo should demonstrate why I need to get the passenger platforms completed before moving forward on to the 'loop tunnel/station area urban setting'.  
I've got a lot basically mocked up in the below.  You can see towards the end of the platforms some ideas I printed off for some potential shops on the track level of the station.  You can see where the new double track will enter into a tunnel on the left (and come out just to the right in the photo.
Stepping back a bit, you can see a broader view of the station/platforms and tunnel entrances.  Also placed on the layout are the large passenger terminal canopies from Kibri (Item 37760).  I'm waiting on two more so that I have enough to complete the canopy on the area of the terminal closest to the station.  I've debated the use of the canopies which will be a bit more obvious in the below photo....
Behold my next scratch-build!  A bit primitive at the moment as only the basic outline is really apparent, but I think it should be fairly obvious that I'm working on a very modern-style station with a large, curved glass atrium.  Alas, this is where integrating this modern station with the obviously older station platforms above will be quite tricky.  I think it will work...the obvious story is that the municipality of Quinntopia built a new station to replace their old one.  Will it work? Time will tell!

This area will consist predominantly of much older building stock.  While there are a few older buildings in the main downtown area, over here in the new station area, I'm imagining it to be much more like a station situated amongst older buildings.  Fairly typical really!


  1. Jerry,

    All I can say is WOW! I am excited to see your completed station with the curvilinear glass facade. I especially like the mall styled arcade below ground. It's a very elegant way to conceal your loop. It has a similar look and feel like Berlin's station.

    Now I feel like I have to elevate my layout design up a notch to keep up with yours! ;) Keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to your next entry!


  2. Really nice, like always!! I can't wait to see the finished modern station. It'll be a light spectacle for sure, like your all other buildings...

  3. Amazing, your terminal is almost complete. How do you do it so fast ? I can't wait to see the terminal scratch-build finished ! I'm sure this scratch-build will be the most nice looking and surely your hardest yet ! But that won't stop you, you're the best scratch-builder I know !

    But something about the canopies bother me. I mean, sure, pretty much every terminal in Europe has canopies, but your main building is above the tracks, so the canopies cover them. I think you shouldn't put any canopies and put some sort of glass facade in the back of the building that looks down and gives you panoramic view of the tracks.

    Mark F.