Adding a few people, cars and other things

My relatives from Norway are in town, and my niece eagerly and happily took to the idea of adding all of my figures, animals and other details that have been sitting in boxes!
Since there is not much time to spend on the layout during Summer months for me this was a nice break to get out into the train room and see the joy that others can get from all this effort!
The truth is...she had much better ideas for what do with all my figures than I did!  This little scene-of which I had no idea what to do - was all her idea!  I think she did a fantastic job!


  1. Glad to see the kids involved, especially girls. My daughter (now 13) loved to place figures and create scenes (of the good kind) - often did a better job than me. She was also great at train shows and even built her own module...

    Cheers, p.

  2. Thanks P! It really is a great feeling when you can see the kids really appreciate the layout...I think it brings out a little bit of the 'kid' in me when I see the layout through their eyes!

  3. Fantastic!
    My kids live with their mom and peak at my posts and projects from time to time. When they come over, they are interested, but don't have the desire to actually DO anything on my projects. hehehe

    To quote my son: "Man! This is so cool. I wouldn't have the patience to do anything like this." :)

    Love the additional details. Everything is looking awesome. People on sidewalks and those horses in the field - grand!

  4. D'oh! I left a detailed comment and BLOGGER ate it when I tried to post it. Lesson learned. :(

    I'll sum up:

    Everything looks awesome! The details are fantastic and really add to the scenes.

    Cool to have folks helping, too. (( Insert story about my kids liking to LOOK at my projects, but having no desire to WORK on them! :) ))


  5. Malco..that's hilarious! My own kids are the same way! Its funny that its THEIR nieces and nephews that want to work on the layout! :-)