MORE Amazing buildings and Japanese layouts!

Having obtained permission (this time!) to use the above photo, I also wanted to share another inspirational site. Some really amazing, and very Japanese, layout work from Australia on the Setagaya layout. His urban scenes are a treat for the eyes! My regret is that Australia is so far away that this is as close as I'll ever get to seeing it!

He's also done a wonderful job of providing a good summary and photos of some of his custom work on many of the commercially available buildings - primarily Japanese (Kato, Tomix, Greenmax, but some Vollmer/Faller and others as well)- which I've found to be a good visual reference to find new buildings that I may want to add to my layout.

Apparently the above mentioned "Setagaya" layout is no longer with us, but he's begun work on a new layout!

Hope you enjoy these links (here and below) as much as I do!

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