Decoder installs, DCC issues and comments:

WHAT"S THE DEAL WITH DCC HARDWARE?This post is really just a rant I have about (most) DCC hardware. Tell me, do you really think this stuff looks good? And even though we don't buy these things for their design, half the time their borderline unusable due to crazy menus and obscure buttons! Agree? Disagree? Read the rest here.
SPROG II AND DECODER PROA brief overview of the Sprog II and DecoderPro software for basic locomotive programming.
KATO THALYS DECODER INSTALLInstalling a decoder into the Kato Thalys wasn't as easy as I expected, but I was able to pull it off. If your looking for some more general comments on the Kato Thalys, check out this post.
FLEISCHMANN LOK-BOSSThis article contains a link to a pdf file for the English Language pages of the manual for this little item. This post also talks about some potential new DCC controllers from Marklin/Trix and Fleischmann/Roco.
TRIX MOBILE STATION WOESYet another post where I either complain or rant about a product. I intended this to be sort of tutorial/guide to help others out, but then I realized I still don't understand why this thing won't work half the time. Fun, right? That's why you got into trains, remember?
HOW NOT TO INSTALL A DECODER IN A TOMIX CLEANING CAR!Sort of self-explanatory. My debacle of trying to install a decoder in a Tomix cleaning car. Learn from my mistakes!
DECODER INSTALLATION ROCO 2156Converting an older Roco locomotive to DCC with a Digitrax decoder hard wire installation
BUS WIRING (DEMYSTIFIED!)I switched from a rudimentary wiring system to a real 'wired bus' system.  So...what the heck is a 'wired bus'?  This confused me, but I finally figured it out.  This is another 'ah ha!' moment for me.