A few images of the current status of the city.  I still have a few more LED-lit cars to add, and need to straighten some light poles (Wow! Its amazing how the camera can reveal the slightest angle) and lot's of details!

Above is the street that will parallel the passenger station tracks (it has a name! Its called the "Avenue of the Liberation of Quinntopia"! See my map here)...below is the area in front of the Metro Station...
 Another shot of the area that will eventually be next to the main passenger terminal.
The below photo should provide a pretty good idea of the layout.  Right now the City is sort of an island surrounded by wood, which will eventually be the tracks.
I still need to add more detail, but I'm pleased with how the Metro Station turned out. I still need to add a decoder to the second Tokyo Subway train so that trains will operate automatically in both directions/
An overhead view of "Minitrix Avenue" on the back side of the Metro Station and the recently completed "Gorham Building".
And finally, a street level view under the Metro Viaduct on "Kato Avenue"...


  1. It's coming together quite well! I'm looking forward to seeing more photos.

  2. This is starting to look good. Nice work! A few ideas on your elevated line:

    1. I don't know if this is prototypical for the Tokyo subway you use, but would you consider adding a dummy third rail? Greenmax makes an inexpensive kit. I think it would be a great touch.


    2. If you're interested in more rolling stock (and who isn't) there is an old Berlin S-Bahn set made by Arnold/Minitrain/Rivarossi some while ago that would look nice in this setting. (I was just in Berlin - including at Hackescher Markt - so I happened to think of this). Could be a fun digitalization project:



    Also, Hobbytrain has announced a present-day Br 481 Berlin S-Bahn train as a new item in N scale.