Hello World of Modelling Fans!

I apologize for the dearth of posts lately. Its been freaky cold in Quinntopia (the garage where the layout is) and work has been super demanding. The combination of the two means slowwwww progress.

But that doesn't mean NO progress! I've been building a roof for my station!

I started with some laser-cut trusses from Luetke Modellbahn. There are too long, so some editing was in order.
 I measured the dimensions of the station to determine the even distribution of the trusses and rough sections...
 With the correct dimensions established, the trusses are laid onto long strips of styrene to form the roof (and the place to attached the LED strip).
 With the too-long ends of the trusses trimmed, and a bit of glue, a test fit was in order....
 Now to add the roof itself, paint, and the lighting....
But for that...you will have to wait for my next post! Thanks for reading!