Working on the Elevated (a little)

A box of various items to help me put together my elevated metro line arrived today! This includes not only Kato's large elevated station (Kato 23-125), but pier support sections from Kato, Tomix and Greenmax.

The importance of the piers - and the station - is that they're going to help me determine the height of the elevated section.  As I won't be using Kato Unitrack for this line, I'll need to do some measuring to get it all to working together.
I quickly assembled the station to get an idea of the size of this station. Wow! Its long! I'm planning on doing some modification to it before its ready for installation.  You know...painting, lighting, interior details, the same old stuff! I'm also thinking of changing the exterior by adding some elements from another kit...but more on that in my next post.  Basically, I want an elevated station that looks less modern than the Kato version, but I don't mind some modernity as I also want it to look like the kind municipal overlords of Quinntopia tried some renovations a 'few years back'.
In terms of the piers and my partically assembled, scratch-built elevated structure, I think they are going to work really well together.  A lot of paint and detail is needed, but I think this is going to work out pretty cool!

Okay, work has been CRAZY the past few weeks, so I'm trying to steal time away to do this train stuff and have some fun, but.... you know how it goes!

Thanks for reading chaps!

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  1. Looking good! That's some serious curvy scratch building.