Benchwork Update

A quick update....I've been working non-stop for the past two weeks, so this weekend I finally got some time to put together the benchwork.  Of course, a trip to the local hardware store (and $196 and change)  was necessary to get the necessary 1/4" plywood sheets to cover the benchwork! And viola! I have the foundations for the new layout all set!
My plan is to lay out some track and see what I've got, then start figuruing out where the track will go.  I already know it's going to be a large loop, but with a significant sized modern city in the center, I don't think it will have that 'loop' feel.  

The plywood panels are only placed on the benchwork temporarily, as they will be removed and cut to allow for raised elevations for the city level.  I also expect to lay down at least a 1" base of styrofoam on the bottom level.  Maybe.  I really don't love working with that if I don't have too.  I may end up using risers for the roadbed and styrofoam surrounding it...we'll see.  The concept with this layout is going to be very urban, so not sure I'm going to need a lot of 'terrain' that would have natural rises and such.

This is starting to get fun!


  1. Although I enjoy the benchwork part of model railroading, it is something to see how quickly you've put the basics together with the pre-fab parts. Of course, there was a lot of planning first, I'm sure.

    I'm very interested to see how what you have planned for the new Quinntopia works out.

    Rather than an elevated line, have you considered a surface / subway back and forth transit line? You could expose the subway station under the city with a window, and have it at "ground" level at the other end if the city wasn't all on one plane. Even when cities are flat, they're often flat on more than one level.

    For some reason the preview shows me commenting as Anonymous,
    Ken (SumidaCrossing)

    1. Hi Ken! Looks like your profile came through okay after all! :-)

      Yeah, I've considered a subway, and I like what you and others have done with building underground stations. What I'm looking for is probably influenced by the combination of the iron elevated framework intersecting a grid of tall buildings. Probably something like a cross between the Chicago elevated, NY subway, and the Paris Metro! :-)

      Something about the look of elevated railways and their industrial appearance appeals to me. Plus, they are always at the right height for Godzilla to grab too!

  2. Looks like a real solid foundation for what I know will be another great layout. Looking forward to following your progress.

  3. I'm demolishing my layout right now and starting on a new one too!

  4. PS here's my new layout plan. It's just 3x8, but will be all urban.

  5. PS here's my new layout plan. It's just 3x8, but will be all urban.