Star Train CC 7100 Instruction / Product Manual

Hello fellow N-Scalers! A quick post from the land of ambiguous layout reboots to share the instruction manual for the Star Train CC 7100 locomotive.  I was recently sent an email asking "Where do you lubricate this thing".   So I dug through my boxes, found the manual, scanned it in, and am here to share it with the world (note that a Google search for "Star Train CC 7100" only results in a lot of frustration, so I'm just trying to do my part!).

Here is page 1 in all its glory (I think if you click on it, it should get bigger. At least, that's what my 'blogspot for dummies' manual says):
Here is the fascinating second page of the manual...(which includes the hard to find lubrication instructions at the bottom!):
And the third...

And the final page!
That's it for now...but I am actually working on the new layout!  Yes I am! You'll see! Soon....