Whoops! Domain change for the blog!

Just a quick note to inform anyone who made it to the site recently that I neglected to renew my 'quinntopia.com' domain name, so now in order to get to the site you must use the quinntopia.blogspot.com url or domain (just plain old quinntopia will take you to someone else's site).

For several weeks I wasn't aware that the old domain and my blogger url which redirected to that domain were no longer working and it was no longer possible to access my website through the top level domain. I fixed it so it quinntopia.blogspot now works!

Sorry for the inconvenience!  I am still here and still working on the ideas for the next layout!



Lac-Mégantic MMA Train Accident - 6 July 2013

Wow, this sounds scarily like the plot from a recent movie, but sadly was an all too real incident that occurred recently up in Canada.  So sad to see this sort of thing happen.