Modernization Plans for E.D.O.

As we all know, Earth is vulnerable to all sorts of evil and calamity.  That's why the Earth Defense Organization exists (read here for more details).  If you're not familiar with the E.D.O.,  you can see the first (and only, so far!) adventures of the E.D.O here!).

Clearly, you can tell from that old movie that the E.D.O was heavily dependent on primarily the German Leopard I (from Arnold 4970), Leopard II (e.g. Roco 25595 or Herpa 741880),  and even the M109 mechanized artillery (Roco 25596) seen below with their standard transport vehicle, the E.D.O. Class 47 (Minitrix!)  While these machines were able to successfully fend off threats in the old days, they have begun to show their age and its time to modernize E.D.O. and prepare for new threats our planet will face!
I had previously added three APC's from Pendraken, which are in the 10mm scale as well (site lists this as 1:150)! But as you can tell, when placed alongside a typical N Scale car, the scale looks about right!
The below photo shows a little better the prototype color scheme of these new vehicles.
Below is the Reaper Wolverine  (07091) which is part of the "CAV" war-gaming universe and is in fact referred to as N Scale.  The Wolverine, shown below next to a Porsche, very much appears to be a heavy battle tank!
Some more shots.  The APC's will likely get a new livery before they are approved by the appropriate leaders at E.D.O.
Now in the works are a couple of new vehicles: a "Ballista" rocket launching vehicle from Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear Blitz line (which is in the 'close enough' 1:144 scale) in addition to the Hawk WarGames model of a "Kodiak ACV" from the Dropzone Commander war-gaming line (these are 10mm scale models, which seem pretty close to 1:160).
Part of the fun of working with these machines is the relatively low cost per piece, so you try out some new things.  In fact, I am attempting to install lighting with some fiber optic cable in both of the above vehicles, which will be a first for me (and if successfully, could open up whole new worlds of interesting applications!).


  1. I Love it! I have been following the blog for awhile and never saw the video before. I can't wait to see when the new arsenal is called into action!

  2. Thanks Michelle! Yes, my approach to the hobby is a bit different! ;-) Thanks for your comment and reading the blog! :-)

  3. In 1:144 there is a wide assortiment available. In Europe you can find it here: http://onlineshop.modellbahnunion.com/Militaer-Flugzeuge/Militaerfahrzeuge-Massstab-1-144.htm?shop=union&SessionId=&a=catalog&t=5&c=229&p=229