A Faller-inspired Kit-bash (Part 5)

Progress continues...slowly!  I realize I am actually at what is typucally a very tedious and time consuming phase of the process where the creation of interior details and interior structural integrity have to be worked out and planned.  I know there are modellers who really enjoy the creation of detailed little scenes on their layout; unfortunately, I am not one of them and coming up with office interior ideas gets a bit aggravating after a while.

Fortunately, these interior details don't have to be too detailed as most people will never spend more than a few seconds peaking inside, so they will not really be able to infer a lot of activity anyway!

As you can see in the top photo (and in my last post on this project), I've attached the two front sections (one at a slightly, outward-leaning angle, the other straight up and down) and needed to attach my Faller 2293 'blue fascia' sections to the straight section.  This actually required a bit of 'carpentry' skill (something i don't think I really possess) and I had to cut out small areas of the top of the fascia so that they would fit against their adjacent sections.  Like this:
 So that they would fit together somewhat seamlessly lide so:
That turned out pretty well! With the exterior mostly down at this time, it was time to focus on the interior. 

As I will be adding lighting, some interior detail or decoration is required.  Most of the visible effect will be somewhat fake foam-core walls with some generic office background images I created on my computer.  These are cut to just a tad less than 3/4" (roughly the height of my floors).
 I then used contact cement to apply the strips of background decoration to the foam core.
The below illustrates how the foam core strips provide a little structural integrity (and hopefully help to align the floors for installation as well).  The layout varies from floor to floor as well, but there are many common arrangements which seems typical for an office building.
The foam core walls alone are not enough detail for floors with lighting to be installed, so inexpensive N scale figures from China (via eBay) are used as my interior office inhabitants.  Below one of the figures gets his feet dipped into glue for installation on the floor:
And with a few more people there appears some sort of office meeting!  Only 17 or so more floors to go!

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  1. Hey dude I started on an office background building kinda inspired by some of your recent work.