A Faller-inspired Kit-bash - FINI!

As I've said before, one of my all time favorite structures is the 1960's era Faller 2293 'modern high rise' kit.  The mid-century modern colors and design speak to an almost Jetson's-esque future - and (of course) on a layout filled with high speed EMU's from around the world, this is just the sort of infrastructure that Quinntopia demands.  Below is the 'original' kit which served as inspiration for this build (and an earlier one!):
So I posted some 'almost' complete photos already and thought that I would be done with photographing/blogging this structure, but I really liked how this turned out and wanted to share a few more finished photos.
The main focus since my last post was to finish up the trim and roof details (actually, these little parts are actually quite time consuming!).  I used some of the wider blue facade strips that came with the original Faller kit to create a much stronger-looking top to the top trim of the building.  I also added some grey paint and little details as can be seen in the below photos:

I'm quite pleased at how well the fairly minimalist interior details actually worked out.  All the interior details are composed of odd bits of styrene (painted or glued into position to give the impression of office equipment), the very inexpensive N Scale figures from China work great for filling rooms cost effectively!  And custom printed backgrounds with various 'found' bits on the web help to give the impressions of office walls and so on:

The point of my above comments about interior details is that you really don't have to do a lot of 'detail' to give the impression of people and activity.  Save expensive Prieser and other figures for detail scenes where you know people will actually see them! :-)

Finally, a similar photo as the top one, this time showing the 'angled' section a bit more obviously than the top!
Now... I need to find room on my layout for this thing!  That might entail a redesign of Quinntopia? Is Quinntopia V5 in the future?  Stay tuned! :-)


  1. Congratulations Jerry on yet another spectacular structure !

  2. John B - Scotland7/23/13, 2:24 PM

    Looks great Jerry. Another task well done!Like the "minimalist" comments re interior detailing.Thanks for sharing this with us.