A Faller-inspired Kit-bash (Part 4)

Wow! 20 days since my last post! Well, it is summer, so I'm sure that most of you have time filled with more seasonal activities as I have (yardwork, in fact, which sort of bites!)!  Progress has been a bit slow on the Faller building.   The major work that I've completed is to get three 'support floors' glued in place along with one of the building sides so that now all window sections are now attached solidly to each other, and I can start on fitting the rest of the 'blue fascia' sections to the other side of the building front.
The rest of my hobby time has been spent wandering into the 'train room', looking at the building in its current state, then walking away.  I am actually thrilled with how I think this is going to turn out, its just that the number of 'projects' needed to be done to this building are more than my rather short attention span is capable of at the moment!

Next up is adding the blue fascia, adding the rest of the floors, the interior lighting, and interior details! Whew! 

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