A Faller-inspired Kit-bash (Part 3)

Last week I applied the black spray paint on the interior of the acrylic window sections.  After the black paint spent several days drying, I started to put together my various sections to start to get a better idea of what this building would look like.  

In fact, it also means some decisions need to be made about the style of the building.  Since my 'blue facade' sections are only about half the width of my entire window (in other words, my building will be twice as wide as the original Faller 2293 building), I had to decide how to 'connect' these sections.  I decided to split the front windows and actually have the left side gently 'lean' forward and extend above and beyond the completely perpendicular right side. 

This will probably make more sense with the photos that with my explanation!
After applying the long, narrow triangular sections that will create the forward leaning facade (let me tell you, cutting these was a pain!) I was FINALLY able to mock up a building section with the blue sections.  The idea is to use these sections across the entire facade; taking advantages of the 45 degree angles from the original kit to join these on my corners.
I also found a new adhesive that works really fast on the acrylic and pvc that I am gluing for this project.  I picked this up at the plastics shop where I get a lot of my acrylic and other materials.  I decided to try this stuff out as it was a really big tube at a pretty low price!  Its from a company called Scigrip and is clearly meant for "industrial applications" (the instructions even say so).  So I assume if you are concerned about harmful (more harmful) chemicals around your house, avoid this stuff. OTOH it works like normal plastic cement except a lot faster!
In the above (and to the right in a below photo) you can see my work at placing these blue strips as precisely as possible at the top of the black sections.  I used the Scigrip 16 glue in a small cup and a disposable brush and 'painted' on the glue.  This tends to give me much cleaner results that trying to apply glue direct from a tube.
Once the front face was set, I could add in the sections with the corresponding 45 angles from the Faller 2293 parts.  Once these set up on the side, I can trim off the excess.
In the below photo, the side pieces are trimmed and I am now mocking up the blue sections for the right side of the building front.
There you have it! Another visually boring post! I'm hoping next week that I'll have at least a few photos of something that I think will be pretty cool!  Thanks for reading!

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  1. Interesting kitbash (although there's so little of the kit there, I think you could call it a scratchbuild). What you have so far looks good. One of these days I have to try my hand at building some mid-size skyscrapers for my urban area, so keep posting as I'm always interested in the detail of what you do.

    BTW, that Scigrip 16 stuff is MEK (Methyl-Ethyl Ketone) and some other things, according to the MSDS I found. It's nasty stuff, but perhaps no more nasty than ordinary toluene-based plastic cement (which has to be one of the most dangerous substances in ordinary hobby use out there). It's flammable, toxic and a carcinogen. Take care.

    On the bright side, it doesn't appear capable of exploding. :-)

    Fresh air during use, and lots of it, and hand-washing when you finish a session with it are both very good ideas.