The Backdrop Street

A couple of weeks ago, I had to stop working on my Auhagen kit bash to do some work on the 'backdrop street' behind the passenger terminal.  One of the first things I had to do was add street markings (painted on with Warhammer 'bone white' acrylic) and side walks for both sides of the street.
And of course...LIGHTS! I was using my favorite, cheap, Chinese-made N Scale LED street lights, along with some cheap, LED-lit, cars from another Chinese seller on eBay.  At $1.50 each, these seemed worth the risk (but more on these cars in a seperate post).
Wiring was pretty easy as the entire 'roadway' section can be removed and there is plenty of room to wire up the lights below the street.
The above photo is a test of the street lights and lights to the cars.  For some reason, I could not wire the LED's in series with the street lights, which surprised me.  So the cars each got their own 470 ohm resistor and the LED street lights were wired in in series (3 street lights and a 110 ohm resistor).
Additionally, I also added in some wrought-iron and concrete fencing for along the retaining wall/street.  These come in an inappropriate white color, so the iron was painted black and the concrete pieces a concrete-like color.   These would be impossible to construct on the layout, so they were first glued to a strip of styrene for placement.

So how has it turned out? Well, here's a 'before' photo from about a year ago....
 And here is the 'after' photo:
Its hard to pick out the street details from this angle, but I'll have more close ups on my next post with the completion and installation of the Auhagen kit.


  1. Very nice. I hadn't seen cars with head and tail lights before (except for some really expensive ones from some European manufacturer, I think). But for a night scene, that's a very important detail.

  2. Love how it turned out. keep it up!

  3. Amazing stuff mate,It's looking really good.

    Just back from Wunderland, lots of nice stuff there.

    Faller are bringing out a Digital System for the cars that can run 12 cars i believe. They had cars and trucks with work indicators, and the Airport is something else in Hamburg a must for all i think.