Auhagen Building Kitbash; Part 1

Auhagen is a German company that makes some really inexpensive buildings and detail kits.  I've had the Aughagen 14 464 "2 Wohnhauser" kit for a while I thought it would be a good candidate for background/facade building behind the new terminal.

The kit comes with the two building sections already assembled, so some cutting was in order.
I wanted to take advantage of the balconies, but given that these are facades that need to be fairly shallow, I went with an approach that will stagger the walls with the balconies back from ther street.
This building is meant to be a fairly boring apartment building, but I wanted a bit of color as well, so I painted the balconies some alternate colors of blue and green to capture some of the look of what have seemed cool back in the late 1950's or 1960's when this building would have theoretically been designed.   The building itself was painted in a Testor's 'Dark Aircraft Grey' and the window frames were painted with an "aluminum plate' color.
The ground floor sections provided with the kit didn't really work for me in the more commercial/urban environment this building would occupy, so I am scratch-building my own ground floor area using clear acrylic sheeting.
The next step in this project is to add the glazing (window plastic), block out some windows and add 'drapes', add lighting, and complete the exterior and interior commercial facades on the ground floor.  Finally, I will probably add some lighting and signs to the roof top as well.


  1. I picked up this exactly set when I was in the Czech republic, along with a "hospital" set which was essentially identical but bigger and with some different details. They are wonderful for bashing, my only problem with them is they have VERY low ceilings. Put a figure on a balcony and they nearly hit their head on the next story, I'd say it would be like 7' ceilings maximum.

  2. I SO wanted to put those kits on my layout, but I ran out of room. They are IDENTICAL to the U.S military housing stairwell apartments that we are currently assigned over here in Germany. Right on with the dating of them ( built during the beginning of The Cold War era on the US installations.)

  3. Thanks Baron and Michelle! Yes, they are pretty generic, so hopefully my bashing on them will have a little sense of realism to it! Baron, your comment raised a potential issue when I set it next to some of my other buildings - its floors will seem obviously shorter! Oh well, this is actually a common enough feature on my layout, but it'll be interesting to see how it turns out!