Free Graffiti!

While I attempt to plug away at the massive Passenger Terminal project (Yes, I am keeping somewhat busy on the layout this summer despite the dearth of posts on this blog!) I thought I would provide an update on a much more manageable project: my 'homemade' graffiti for fences and buildings!

I've found that most graffiti that you can purchase is designed more for rolling stock and when you want to essentially cover a structure, you use a lot of expensive decals to do so!  So I decided to grab some graffiti from the internet (free graffiti!), run these images through photoshop, and then compose all the different items together in one sheet so that I could get something closer to the continuous 'wall' of graffiti you often see on structures, walls, etc...

And, of course, I'm happy to share it!  The below URL contains two PDF files with my efforts.  There is a 'full sheet' (8.5 x 11") and a half sheet (8.5 x 5.5" for those using the Testors decal sheets, which is also the image at the top of this post in JPEG format).  Click the link below and you will find both of these documents available for you to download (click on the red 'download' arrow all the way to the right of the screen next to the sheet you want to download):


The image below gives you a bit of an idea of how they look:
The above is obviously the 'fencing' I mentioned in my last post.  Still need a bit more weathering and a top of grass/foliage at the base (to cover the gap and make it look more realistic).

That's all for now, but wanted to share this quick update.  I hope I'm almost at a point with my new station that I can share photos of that soon!


  1. Nice! and realistic ;-)

  2. Dear Jerry,
    You have my sympathies, it’s so sad to see your dream layout being undermined by mindless graffiti and no doubt the accompanying social problems which appear in its wake. Maybe you could take some solace from our experiences here at Wholesome Railways. The ruling Junta (me and the dog) decided to nip these potential problems in the bud through zero tolerance and a one strike and you’re out policy. We also decided to only allow Preiser N Gauge People to take up residence on the layout. The Preiser People all have good jobs, always appear immaculate in their work wear and uniforms, take pride in their appearance and are imbued with a strong sense of civic duty.

    Preiser don’t produce people clutching cans of spray paint and nor do they produce social workers but they do do police officers and to this end we now have Preiser British Bobbies patrolling the streets (just to give the locals that pleasant, ‘allo allo how about a cup of tea then,’ sense of well being however, should things get out of hand we also have the Preiser German Riot Police kept in reserve and finally, because they look good, we have the mounted division of the Preiser Italian Carabinieri for official duties and to form the honour guard when the Junta are in residence and operating the layout.

    I hope you find this information helpful

    Ross S
    North Berwick
    Scotland UK

  3. LOL! Thanks Ross! Best.Comment.Ever! You need to start your own blog my friend!

  4. Timely update! I've never used water-slide decals before but I needed some graffiti for my walls as well. At $3 a sheet it's not too bad a deal. I got transparent decals and then put them on underpainted white areas, just like the pro's do!



  5. Jerry, the end result looks phenomenal. Of course, I'm from the school that says: If you're going to make a proper model, do it warts and all. A shame that I won't be able to use these in my Japanese station models! They'd look right at home if it weren't that Japan apparently gives the death penalty to graffiti artists.

  6. @ Baronjutter - nice work! Looks great! Thanks for the link to the photos!

    @ Don - thank you sir! I agree, now I just need to summon the courage to make my 'rolling stock' more realistic!