Cosmic NS-93K 22 Floor High-Rise Kit

Just arrived is this new model from Japanese company "Cosmic" of a 22 story high-rise apartment building!  Inside the box are several bubble-wrapped packages of parts, which does dispel the question I had of whether or not this kit came in some sort of pre-assembled state...it doesn't!
In fact, I'm pretty sure that anyone who builds this kit will want to paint it first as the plastic is a very glossy, very plastic-looking material that could use a little color.  For my part, this is a good thing.  As I like to add light to my buildings, adding several coats of paint to the interior walls is essential to ensure that light only shows through windows and doors - and not through walls!
Below is a closer photo of the materials this model is constructed of.  Clear plastic is provided for all the windows, but no material to 'block' the windows (i.e. window coverings, drapes, etc...).   The actual plastic pieces themselves don't seem to have any sprue's to be clipped or flashing to be filed away, so that's terrific news!  Again, I'm pleased that I don't have to try and cut or disassemble this kit to add lights or paint the way I want it, although I expect for a lot of folks they'll be a bit disappointed that its not ready built.   Particularly at the price of about $150 USD, this may not be what a lot of folks are interested in spending their money on!
A parts list accompanying the instructions (all in Japanese) gives you a rough idea of the amount of work necessary to assemble.  I think that if the fit of all the pieces is good, this should be a somewhat time-consuming, but nevertheless easy building to create.  I do need to think about how to manage interior details and lighting, but for now I just need to consider color combinations for painting!
 Again, looking at the exploded view of the kit and where all the parts should go seems pretty straight forward.
I'm looking forward to getting started on this kit, which seems like it will be quite interesting, and will provide some first rate apartments (hotel?) space for Quinntopia!

One thing that does impress me with this kit is that its very clear that Cosmic is more of an artisan outfit than a traditional train manufacturer...the box, packaging, etc... seem somewhat DIY, and yet are entirely effective!    Of course, I'll post my experience (and results) with this kit once I get started on it, but for now I'm still working on my somewhat ambitious terminal station project and won't be able to get to this structure for some time!


  1. Hello Jerry,
    One more beautifull and very inpressive tower on your layout !


  2. Thank you Pascal! I'm excited to add this one to the city!

  3. just wondering if you ever finished this one. I found it on hobbysearch and was considering adding it to my layout :)

  4. Hi Chad!

    No, haven't started this one yet! I am planning to start it soon (next month or so?) but I'm already into another building project that is much smaller but I want to finish first. I think its a decent enough kit, but of course, won't know for sure until its done!