Fixing a Loop Problem -Update

I've been making some time to make some the first changes to the 'loop problem' I mentioned on an earlier post.  The problem (which the huge number of comments seemed to agree was a good 'problem' to fix!  Thanks for all the great ideas and comments!) was having a loop of track which very artificially creates a 'loop' around the scenery.  So the idea is to do what the real railroads have to do...hide it underground! :-)

Anyway, using track on hand and available (and therefore not having to spend any money) I removed the switch that would be difficult to access with the new 'tunnel' idea and added the second loop of track to extend the side from said switch/turnout.  The below is what it looks like.  I did some test runs and it all works great!  The next step is to start building the framework for the 'elevated' city section that will cover this area and tie in with the back drop buildings seen in the background at the top of the below photo.
I then measured and cut a piece of sintra for the 'base' and some corresponding pieces of wood to hold up the new base, and I start to get an idea of what these modifications will do for this area of the layout:
From the opposite end:
Again, one of the reasons for taking the time with this area of the layout is to think through all the different ways to do it.  To be clear, there is no 'right or wrong' way for any of layout builders! Assert your independence!

However, as I already have an awkward 'lasso of city' on the older V1 section of the layout, I was loathe to create the same basic 'feature' all over again!  Unfortunately, this area is quite a project to fix as I have loops at two different grades!


  1. Nice job! Can't wait to see the real-estate program take over.

    One note: Maybe you should have think of covering a part of the stub tracks of the yard/station and have the station building overlooking those.

    This is quite a prototypical stance and you would have gotten a bit more space for buildings.

  2. Good morning, Jerry. How are your Unitrack adventure?

  3. Jerry: did You buy Sintra online? All, can I buy Sintra in European "hobby&bricolage" retailer, for example Leroy Merlin Castorama etc.?

  4. I like the idea suggested by la saucisse, but that might make it difficult to see/reach the very ends of the tracks. How accessible will they be once the loop is enclosed? Will you be able to reach them through the access panel for the loop itself?

    That said, very happy to read about these developments as my own layout sits unchanged. Remember, if you solved all your problems with the layout there'd be nothing to do!

  5. Thanks Everyone for the comments! I really enjoy all the input and suggestions!

    Right now further progress on the actual 'elevated section' has stopped as I've encountered one of those projects that I need to complete first before I go too far with installing the 'elevated' terrain. More on that later.

    @ Megarails - I replied to your email, hopefully some of my suggestions helped! Search your local trade supplier who specializes in plastic materials for commercial signs...the material may be called 'expanded PVC board' or something along those lines.