Video Tour of Quinntopia

A video tour of the layout known as "Quinntopia"!  No monsters, explosions, or fast edits on this one....rather a calm walk-through of my modest attempt at building an N scale layout! Hope you enjoy this!


  1. Thanks for that! Amazing to see all how all the pieces fit together. You have a real skill with buildings; the downtown area looks really authentic, especially as seen from the other parts of the layout.

    Did you do a post on the model boat that I saw briefly near the edge of version 2?

  2. Wow, it really gives me some ideas! Im waiting on a new DCC to arrive, so im only up to laying track bed. Though watching this reminds me that the end result can be amazing, and all the work was fun after all!

  3. Awesome video!!

    I just love the way you organized you train room.
    What a nice overview on your layout. We had tons of pictures but now we can have real space and volume references.

    This motivates me to go DCC someday, but for now as I just have temporary layouts it's not worth it.

    Thanks a lot, need more like this!! :-)

  4. Thanks as always for the kind words!
    @Sudasana - No, I haven't posted on the 'harbor'/boat yet...that is coming, but there's still a bit of detail and work I need to finish on that area before I publicize it!

    @Dallas - I'm a believer that the journey is a big part of the enjoyment of this hobby...I get worried when I think about running out of things to do...I guess that will mean its time for version 5!

    @Kumo - thank you sir! Obviously, a garage is not the MOST ideal space for a layout, but I've been able to make it work!

  5. Stunning. It's an even nicer layout than I'd thought from your postings (and I had a pretty high opinion of it to begin with).

    The video really puts the different parts in context, and lets me see how they work together.

    Nice workbench too. I wish I were that organized.

  6. That gives us a really good idea of your work... Everything is clean and organised, wish I had the same ;)

    Thank you to have shared it with us...

  7. Just one word: AMAZING!

    Great job! I've been quite busy with my work, so I stopped working on mine. Actually The grass has been placed and the command station for the turnouts is ready. I've to decide where to put buildings and streets. I'm really far from your w.i.p. so CONGRATULATIONS!! I love v4! ;)

    See you soon,

  8. Excellent video. I'm looking forward to seeing how things continue to develop.

  9. Jerry this is a masterpiece! I love the video. Always an inspiration my friend. :) This makes me want to start building my layout..but I'm still a few years from doing it..grrr. Anyways this winter back at building some more structures. :)


  10. Woosh! I had missed that one. That's a great post. Hopefully MalcoJOJO from the n-rail blog made me watched it. I even looked at it twice without getting bored.

    A quick thought, I think you should cover the front V3 and curve of the V1 board with more city and leave the track as subways. You could have regularly spaced pillars or archways along the edge of the layout to keep those tracks visible and give it a certain subway feeling.

    I always have been bothered how unlikely those city island looked. So unreal, tracks usually through cities not delimit them.

  11. @ La Saucisse - You are actually reading my mind! In fact, that's actually what I'm thinking about at the still unfinished 'passenger terminal' area....ulitmately I agree that the isolated city trapped in the loop look is not good! Thanks for your post and ideas!