N Scale Nostalgia: Busch Stadtbau System

Back in April I did a post on the old Arnold Universal Structure kit.  Similar in concept - although radically different in execution - is the Busch Stadtbau System from Busch. 
There is a whole series of different kits in the Busch Stadtbau system.  The above photo shows the 0937 high rise of office building (and one of my favorites from the series).  Bob/Scaper has graciously posted images of the old catalog photos showing the many kits and options available.   There is also a site that has some limited archives of old catalogs (interesting in and of itself- although it appears to get good size images you need to order a CD) where, as near as I can tell, the last year that this system was offered seems to be around 1975.  If this is true, that means that this system has been out of production for over 35 years!  Which isn't really too surprising given how hard it is to find even previously built pieces from this series!
I've been fortunate to pick up a couple of unbuilt kits from this series, but I've not yet decided if I want to build them.  For one, they're overall rarity brings out the collector in me (or at least, the 'preserver'!) which compells me to leave everything it the box!  Additionally, I don't really have room on the layout anyway!
On the other hand....these buildings could be the basis of a really cool 'utopian' city....I imagine an entire city modeled in this modernistic style would be really cool!

Well, I'm undecided....but at least for now, I'll hang to the too few examples of this fascinating system I do have and keep them for posterity! :-)

Just for fun, below are some scans of the instructions for the 0937 building.

I hope you enjoyed this final 'nostalgia' post for a while.  Its hard to believe that N gauge is over 50 years old...it seems to me there's some interesting history out there and I hope you enjoy some of this as much as I do!


  1. Hi Jerry,

    It's pretty cool to see your nostalgic collection of structures. In your travels, have you come across a Kibri 7172? It has a more french architectural style that I really like. Unfortunately, Kibri no longer manufactures this model.


  2. Hi Alvin! I don't have that Kibri 7172, but I do like the looks of it! I like the French style as well. I've been trying to think of ways of modifying some of the standard (and easily available) townhouse buildings to make them more 'french'...e.g. mansard roofs and all that. I think its possible, but will have to wait on that. Thanks for commenting!