Backdrop Part 2

After some good feedback-which confirmed some of my own concerns-I did some 'editing' on the backdrop today (and other stuff, but no pictures of that for now!).   I had too many mountains so I leveled out one half of the backdrop, airbrushed a bit more Tamiya "Sky Grey" and some other grey tones to add more of a misty blend to the hilltops and mountains in the distance.  Again the photo looks a bit more 'blue' than it does in real life, but it has the atmospheric, misty look I was going for!

The black plastic on the layout is to protect track and stuff from overspray.


  1. Looking great! You've really got the effect of the hills fading into the distance there.

  2. This is looking much better. The color still looks a little off to me. However, mountains seen in the distance will take on a blue hue from atmospheric scattering of blue light, so I don't think that's the issue here.

    In any case I like this one much better than the previous photo. Backdrops don't need to be perfect, just to suggest distance and environment, and by that metric it's a good backdrop.

  3. Thanks Everyone! I'm a lot happier! The magic of airbrush! :-)