Not a Creature Was Stirring....

Except for a Modemo Mo3501 "Sala-Go"....
Wandering through empty streets....
 But with plenty of light....
Perhaps its the Eve of Christmas and everyone's at home with family and friends?   Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!


  1. hello Jerry ,

    the second pictures look like a real one !!
    Amazing work you did ...

    Merry Christmas From France !!


  2. Merry Christmas Jerry! Those pictures look absolutely stunning, you made some great progress with the the streets and the lighting. Great atmosphere!

  3. Thank you Pascal & Jes! Merry Christmas to both of you! :-)

  4. Wow.. That was really awesome Jerry.

  5. Jerry, This is some of the best modeling I've ever seen. The lighting is unreal. The streets, the street lights, markings, interior detailing etc...some of these pics look like they could be a real city photographed! Just amazing work my friend.

    Lovin' it!!!


  6. Thanks Magnus & Bob! Its been in the works for a year now...it nice to finally have so much of it done...although its really only 70% of the way, at least I'm a lot closer than I was before!

  7. That night-time cityscape is just breathtaking. Well worth all the time you've put in to it.

  8. Amazing pretty little job. Im really amazed! Congratulations! I hope someday i get to be as good as you!

  9. @Skron - Thanks for the kind words! I've found that the more I do things, the better I get...seriously, if you look at my "V1 Layout" you'll see that I started with some pretty basic stuff, but over time you find your skills improve, and your goals become bigger! I hope I keep improving, but at the same time, its the learning of how to do things that makes the hobby a lot of fun for me! Thanks again for visiting and commenting!