December Layout Update

As you can see from the above photo...we have LIGHTS in the city!  About 40 or so (not sure of the exact count!) Viessmann 6490 street lights were installed in the 'sidewalks' since my last update.  Great to have so much of this work done, but I still need another 6 or 7 lightsto have street lights installed in all the spots they should be!  Still need to adjust some of them to ensure they are all standing up perfectly straight etc.... and at some point I'll add in traffic lights, but for the time being, this is enough so that I feel like I can start to add the buildings!
In addition to lights, I've also been focused on getting as much of the track work done so that I can get back to running trains over the holidays...a big part of that has been getting the new freight yard mostly complete so I'll have a place to park the trains when they're not running.
And a lot of time has been spent wiring....I replaced all my power wires (which was originally just multiple extensions of Kato power cords / 3 way adapters) with a real 14 gauge 'power bus', added power to all the 'expansion' trackage, and have been working on powering up all the 'main line' and some of the yard switches.  Below is the current appearance of what will ultimately become my "TCO", or control panel (as we say in English)!

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