Cathedral Update

I mentioned earlier my decision to move my cathedral and I got a lot of good suggestions and encouragement!  I'm glad that I noticed this and I really like how the new placement is turning out.
Note that of my different ideas at the time, I went with none of them, and instead put the cathedral in at an angle to the rest of the city blocks.  I think this looks the best of all the other possible combination!  Still need to detail and weather  my styrene sidewalks, connect the wiring for the church lights, add street lighting and other stuff, but overall I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out!
Along the backside of the cathedral property where the tracks run, I bought some of the Greenmax walls that I think will look really good when they've been painted and weathered.  I also got the Greenmax tram station kit for the tram line terminus adjacent to the church.


  1. I rather like this option! Now that I think about it, nearly every cathedral inside the city of St Louis (i.e., in a built-up urban area) is not built at right angles to the lot its on, but at some kind of funny angle, for reasons I don't fully appreciate. Your solution reminds me quite a lot of the way they are built here. Looking good!

  2. Thanks Don! Its funny how this choice didn't even register in my mind at first...I'm so used to thinking about everything in a 'grid'! I think that the older the city is, and a cathedral like this would be in a much 'older' city, the less likely it is to be laid out in the 'strict' grid layout.

  3. I have to agree with Don. The angled placement of the cathedral looks really good. I didn't realize your tram stop was a terminal. For some reason I thought it was going to loop around.

  4. As far as placement of the Cathedral...it's really a personal choice. For me 3 of my churches will most likely be set in the city blocks. I do like your idea though.

    I've taken photos of almost all the main Cathedral from my area. Here's a link to the photo set.


    By the way, I see you've used that Mechwarrior building I sent you. :D

    For curiosity what are the other 2 buildings beside it in the background? I don't recognize either of them.


  5. Yes! I think I've found a nice home for the MechWarrior building (I need a new name for it! :-))

    The first building is a 'custom' job I scratchbuilt, but don't really like how it turned out, the one further back is the skyscraper I ordered from Japan.

  6. Almost every christian church, or cathedral has the people inside facing east
    (at least in europe). That could possibly be the reason for the 'funny angles' Don Goodman-Wilson posted about.

    So suppose you decide to give your layout an orientation, you should consider orientating the cathedral on an east-west angle. In case you want a cathedral on it of course.

    i don't know much about the orientation of city grids in the states but i guess those depend on the site and not on the four wind directions.

    In Europe, most old towns or cities that have cathedrals mostly were built around them, so they don't seem to be at funny angles, since they were there first and no-one considered changing the street pattern in any way that drastic that it makes the cathedral look like it's at some funny angle with the rest.

    The 'funny angle' in Quinntopia loks right since they keep rebuilding that area, and they obviously built the cathedral there later with the right orientation.
    (a simplified pointing to where Jerusalem was according to the medieval architects who started it.)

    At least that's the story you can tell if they come around and start asking about the cathedral placement.

    Greetings from a town with lots of cathedrals from a very religious past.

  7. @ Brusseleir - That is really interesting...and as it turns out, the Cathedral does face East (well, more North East than East! :-)). I had no idea about this, but it does make some sense! Thanks for the info!