Moving the Cathedral

As can be seen in the above photo, I've been able to get another city block wired up and lit.  While I'm waiting for all my track to arrive for my expansion, I've had some time to work on smaller projects that I've skipped over; wiring and adding my buildings is one of those projects (ballasting my track and 'painting my rails' is another one).

I've had this 'plan' for this second city block for quite some time.  Its a challenge as it incorporates the Vollmer cathedral, which is far deeper than most buildings and therefore extends the entire width of my 'blocks'.

An idea struck me that I think may improve both the city block and the cathedral.  What I'm thinking of doing is moving the cathedral to the current (well, 'proposed') site of my 'tram stop'.   This area is also the sort of 'dead zone' inside my track oval that is difficult to integrate square buildings easily.
Of course, this change means that the tram stop and tracks need to move.  I have few options as you'll notice a bridge over a road (which leads to a tunnel) that would be very difficult to move.  The nice thing about moving the tram stop is that I can use the area on both sides of the church for both a smaller tram stop and a sort of 'plaza' or parking.

Another option, and one I don't care too much for, is to turn the church 90 degrees.   Hmmm....I don't care too much for how this looks, but it would require a lot less work!
Another project that I must absolutely get to next is road striping.  I'm a bit tired of looking and plain streets and I also think that it'll be a lot easier to add striping now before too many structures or details are added later.

Okay, that's it for now...back to the train room!


  1. Hi Jerry,

    I'm totally amazed by the amount of progress you have each week.

    I like your proposal of moving the cathedral to the current location of the tram stop. May I suggest putting a park with trees on both sides of the cathedral? It would provide a nice contrast and complement your buildings across the street.

  2. I've allways been bumed out by the look of our ovals. It's a weird shaped frontier. Totaly unatural to end a city like that. Maybe, you ought to "underground" the outer loop and develop your city around the upper double track so it look a bit more natural. :)

  3. The look of this place could be amazing!!!
    Imagine a stone pavement all over the cathedral and the trams arriving in front.

    Great work to come! :-)

  4. Jerry,

    Looking awesome. Do you still have my phone number? I can mail you that kibri building this week.

    I see you have that building you got from Japan. Do you have any skyline shots that include that building posted yet?

    All the best, Bob

  5. Thanks for all the comments/suggestions! So it sounds like everyone agrees that a change is a good idea! :-)

    Its funny, I've struggled with this 'dead area' inside the oval for a year and the question about the cathedral not quite looking right in its current location and then WHAM! this idea hits me to move the cathedral! Thanks for your comments!

    BOB - I think I have your number, I'll drop you an email!

  6. I think the cathedral needs a little hill or mound to stand on.