Brawa Plugs and Junction Blocks arrived

I was talking about some of my disappointment with the LED plug-in lights from Brawa. I now believe that the problem may have been the relatively unregulated voltage that I was using. I'm going to change my power to 12vDC 'fixed' voltage (former power supply to an external hard drive) which will solve the problem (I assume).

I also mentioned that I was going to order the Brawa pin sockets and junction boxes as recommended in the instructions. I doubt these will do anything to change the incorrect voltage, but they certainly will make the connections and wiring of non-track accessories on my layout much simpler. The idea is to use Red and Black wires for my 12v DC LED wired buildings (see this post) and a Yellow and Brown set of wires and connectors for another 12V system for the lights from Brawa (and other street lights). And finally, all buildings or connector blocks will be connected via Kato-like Tamiya connectors. The idea is that the entire layout will be completely 'plug and play'! No more twisting of wires, etc...! I have to commend Reynaulds for very fast delivery and for having the items in stock! That's always a challenge when ordering online for anything that's not a typical US prototype!

Not sure if you can tell from the photo, but my layout has an abundance of accessory lighting! I have an obsession (one might say OCD?) with every building at least having some light source, and with every street or corner having a street light or other appropriate light. Sigh, I am not even close. This Brawa system should, at least, clean up some of the tangles under the layout, and then I can have a very slick looking wire set up under the layout (today...its very embarrassing!).

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